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DB12 Coupe / Volante

The world's first super tourer 

DB12 Redefining and reinventing what it means to be a tourer. An icon risen from 73 years of category defining marvels. Cutting through continents, bruising benchmarks and taming tradition. Pulsing with connected technology. Wrapping every corner in hand-stitched hedonism and swelling every sense with state-of-the-art infotainment, fusing cutting-edge screen technology with the intuition of analogue controls.From the new elegant lines and aggressive grille that give it an unapologetic presence, to the raised centre console that holds you in the heart of the car. DB12 reaches new heights of driver connection, performance and dynamic supremacy. This is no mere GT.



Swelling the surface of your senses with smarter sound, digital intelligence, and never-seen-before infotainment. The optimum blend of analogue controls and digital technology.





A bespoke 10.25-inch screen, offering 1970x720 high-resolution. Fully and unapologetically digital for the first time. A new all-seeing eye with enlightened graphics born from the highest possible resolution. In its class. Reacts to inputs within 30 milliseconds. Fingertip and multi-touch control. Matched by an ergonomically executed interior with a blend of touchscreen menus and short keys. Giving you total control of your super tourer with your literal touch.





A debut with the DB12. Introducing the Aston Martin of infotainment systems. Designed, engineered and tailored in house. Ready-made, for the first time, with voice control. Set to bring satellite navigation, your favourite songs and any app under your control. With just your voice alone.

Overall Details


  • 680 PS - 499,27 Kw
  • 800Nm 2750 rpm - 6000 rpm
  • 3,6 sec 0-100 km/u
  • max 325 km/u


  • DB12 Coupe - 234 000 euro BTW incl.
  • DB12 Volante - 252 000 euro BTW incl.




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