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Vantage Coupe

Engineered for real drivers

Engineering and Performance
Engineered from the inside out. To let the outside in. Growling with 665PS and invigorated with 30% more power than its predecessor. Kindling it with the thrill to not just reach the limit. But live there, forever. Hreading the feel of the road throigh every trace of the car.
Primed by engineering premieres. Five innovations to plant tarmac into your palms. Shaped and smoothed to stiffen your edges and syphon power to the point of no return. Before you feel the road, find out what connects you so unapologetically to it.

Handeling and steering


Steering wheel feeding you braille from the road.
The deletion of the isolated steering column dials up an unmediated, unfiltered line between the tarmac, the tyres and the steering wheel. An intravenous connection. Drip-feeding fluent feedback through your fingertips. Mainlining you with the information you need to throw yourself into the limit.




Transmission and powertrain


Corner conquering torque.
The height of intelligent torque shaping conspires with a lower final drive. To pinpoint grip more precisely. Tailoring traction and weaving it through the eye of an automatic 8-speed transmission. Recalibrated, with a shorter final drive ratio (3.083:1), to thread explosive in-gear acceleration, through the turn, catapulting you faster out of the corner.



Chassis, dynamics, and suspension


Engraved with the inner strength to look its outer limits in the eye.
Targeted bracing, undertrays and larger anti-roll bars multiply torsional stiffness, increasing lateral rigidity. Yielding a new strength of feeling in the cockpit. To tighten the connection between all five senses of the driver and every sensation of the car.

Overall Details:


  • 665 PS - 489 Kw
  • 800 Nm 1500 rpm - 6000 rpm
  • 3,4 sec 0 - 100 km/u
  • max 325 km/u


  • Vantage Coupe - 204 000 euro BTW incl.



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